According to Webster; ' premium' is "a high value or a value in excess of that normally or usually expected". From the Transit Authority's perspective a 'premium' brings information to light, improves operation, fills a void, and saves money. To those ends, PREMIUM TRANSIT SERVICES supplies parts and the following consulting/services:

Product or Service Transit Authority Benefit

Parts Cross Referencing refers to comparing part numbers across Bus/Parts Suppliers and identifying OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) part number and sources. Bus/Parts Suppliers routinely disguise this information to improve after-market parts margins.

Procurement/Purchasing refers to the particular method, all are not equal. FaxQuotes can enable Transit Authority's to use suppliers inventory, receive lower pricing, and work more bidders. We are strong in purchasing administration cost control through safety stock, economic order quantity, 'real industry lead-times', and creating a in-house maintenance/purchasing link to bus supplier part number.

Bid Specification refers to procuring the right bus, with 'premium customer service', and the efficient use of 'scarce resources'. We begin Bus Inspection with 'contract award' and end with 'delivery acceptance'.

Maintenance Services provides Anti-freeze Recycling and Tire Preparation on Transit Authority's site. Both programs with proven industry performance in revenue service and significantly lower bus maintenance costs.

Technical Manual Updating and Maintenance Training addresses 'unfilled market needs' or voids. At new bus delivery, per the contract, Manuals are current and Training follows shortly thereafter. Over time, mechanics 'turn-over", parts supersede, alternatives infiltrate, and products upgrade. Who fills this Bus Supplier's 'cost center' gap?

Specialists in FLX parts, but able to source and bid most RTS, Gillig, Neoplan, Orion, and Flyer Transit Bus parts. 'Select' After-Market Parts refers to offering only those that 'meet or exceed' OEM standards. Only parts/products with high quality, proven success in revenue service, and extraordinary end-customer/supplier support are considered for 'select vendor' promotion.