Inventory/Purchasing consulting to eliminate 'stock-outs, obtain lower price quotes, decrease purchasing administration costs, and increase the number of bidders.
Review your operations, equipment, and personnel to determine whether FaxQuote or Formal Bid procurement system is more effective. Automate procedures for getting information to Parts Suppliers from your Purchasing/Maintenance Systems into the appropriate FaxQuote or Formal Bid procurement system. Use 'supply & demand' dynamics to provide continued downward 'price quote pressure on future purchases. Compare your quotes and performance against the big Transit Systems. Incorporate 'demand forecasting' techniques, economic order quantity, and statistics to set valid 'min/max' levels for your operation. Unlock hidden information for 'real industry lead-times', 'scheduled releases', and 'reserves' to virtually eliminate 'stock-outs'; with little or no inventory increase!

Parts Cross Referencing to obtain lower price quotes, minimize 'sole source' relationships, and increase competition among suppliers.
Identifies the OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) part number and source that Bus/Parts Suppliers routinely disguise (with their own 'numbering system') to improve after-market parts margins. This program includes a complete inspection of your warehouse to identify vendor/part numbers, a computer match of your Parts Manual and/or Inventory Master List against our 30,000 Bus/Parts Supplier-OEM Supplier database. Cross-references for Gillig, FLX, RTS, Orion, Neoplan, New Flyer and many vendors. Computer capability to read Dbase, Microsoft, ASCII, FoxPro, Quattro, Word Perfect,and Lotus formats.